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How does the legal system work in the US? CONSTITUTION, SUPREME COURT.
The Praetor 10 June 2022
inside united states legal system: U.S.A constitution, supreme court, public law, private law, criminal law , criminal procedure, model pena...
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 What is meant by Sharia law? what is islamic law?
The Praetor 03 June 2022
What are the 5 rules of Sharia?, what is an example of a sharia law ?                          shariah, the five pillars of islam.          ...
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What is the simple definition of law? law / legal rules definition Properties
The Praetor 04 May 2022
Law definition, law purposes, legal rules, Elements of the legal rule, Characteristics of the legal base. What is the simple definition of...
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Top difference between a criminal crimes and a civil offense
The Praetor 18 April 2022
  The difference between a  criminal offense and a civil offense is multifaceted; There is a difference between a criminal offense and a ci...
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Criminal law purpose, importance, and criminal law social role
The Praetor 15 April 2022
The importance of criminal law will continue to be a major topi of interest to scholars and researchers in the field of law in general, crim...
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